Documentary on Masjid e Zahra | Mosque | Construction and Renovation | Part-3

It is third part of documentary on Masjid e Zahra . This video is in fact a short documentary which covers all important details about Construction and Renovation Completion of Masjid e Zahra Mosque . It is a latest documentary and undoubtedly the best documentary of all time related about Mosque.

This documentary video on Masjid e Zahra is presented & broadcasted by Sultan ul Faqr Digital Productions.

Sultan ul Faqr Digital Productions is a sub department of Sultan ul Faqr Publications (Regd.) Pakistan. Sultan ul Faqr Publications is registered Trade Mark under section 33 (4) Trade Marks Ordinance 2001 with Trade Mark no. 278040 from The Trade Marks Registry, Karachi, Government of Pakistan.

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  1. عید گاہ ِ ما غریباں کوئے تو
    انبساطِ عید دیدن روئے تو

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