Sultan ul Ashiqeen Day Mehfil Jashan-e-Wiladat Sultan ul Ashiqeen


Sultan ul Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib ur Rehman is the present Imam (perfect spiritual guide) of Sarwari Qadir order of Sultan Bahoo. The sacred birth of Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman took place on Wednesday, 19th August at 4:30 a.m. in Bakhshan Khan, Tehsil Chishtian, Bahawalnagar District, Pakistan. Since eternity, Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman has been chosen by Allah for the Treasure of Faqr, so The Divine Light of Truth was illuminated upon his countenance since birth.

Sultan ul Ashiqeen Day

Every year devotees and disciples of Sultan ul Ashiqeen celebrate Sultan ul Ashiqeen Day with great zeal at khanqah Sultan ul Ashiqeen on 19th of August. Tehreek Dawat e Faqr organized this event in association with Sultan ul Faqr Digital Productions. Sultan ul Faqr Digital Production is the department of Tehreek Dawat e Faqr and it cover all event, naats, manqabats, documentary video, kalam sultan bahoo, sufi kalam, religious tours etc organized by Tehreek Dawat e Faqr.

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  1. SubhanAllah!! Allah Paak hmaray Murshid Paak ko sehat or tandrusti vali zindagi dy.. Or ap ko har musibat, balaa or hasad karnay vaalon se mehfooz rakhay.

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